Location Remote

I’m an artist, whatever that means to you. Most of my life I have been on the move making the art that I make. A few times now I’ve started something like this. This is a recording, a document of the conversations, objects, thoughts, and other things that come out of the seemingly rarefied air that surrounds me. I don’t think much of it, this is my life after all, however the results may vary for you, the listener. These are interesting times and I know a lot of interesting people; they’ve helped me get this far in some instances and some are new and fascinating friends. Any way you slice it, the world is equal parts large and small. To quote the namesake of this project, “I’m in a location remote… trying to get high as I can go.”

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Redacted. Art that I make, words I write, people I talk to.


X______ E_____ C_____

18+ aka B____ L_ T____ aka Mx. Sandwich Transdisciplinary Artist Poet Exhibitionist AfroIndigenous Goldfish Dreams//G-D|100% FOR SURE I'm here for the buffet