Location Remote

Location Remote is an abstract podcast and archive where I, X______ E_____ C_____, cover the portions of my research practice as an artist that are interesting, overlooked, or topical for the moment. Billed as ”Redacted, Art that I make, words I write, people I talk to” Location Remote is a curated/censored take on my transdisciplinary research practice and a meta commentary of the cultural game of telephone manifest in a censorship and loss of the message of the artist and the art even when coming directly from the artist. A big portion of the critical aspects of my artwork deals directly with redaction, misinformation, and histories of oppressed peoples as they are subsumed into popular culture, world culture, internet culture, socioeconomic and sociopolitical frameworks. All of this happens under the title Location Remote, a nod to a kind of nonspace that this project exists inside of where the locations, names, and other information may be (beep) as a kind of simplification for the realities that may overlap and conflict. It's a satire of course.

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Redacted. Art that I make, words I write, people I talk to.


X______ E_____ C_____

18+ aka B____ L_ T____ aka Mx. Sandwich Transdisciplinary Artist Poet Exhibitionist AfroIndigenous Goldfish Dreams//G-D|100% FOR SURE I'm here for the buffet